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  • NJROTC Awards - Rep. Larsen &, Assistant Superintendent Lundstrom
  • President's Award for Kelly Davidson - Rep. Larson & NL Pres. Smith
  • Helmet Award for Kelly Davidson - Rep. Larsen and NL Pres. Smith
  • Navy League President Greg Smith @ Veterans Day 2021 Program
  • Navy League President Greg Smith @ Veterans Day 2021 Program
  • Mayor Bob Severns Family & State Representative Dave Paul
  • 2021 Veterans and 9/11 Observance Day First Responders
  • 2021 Veterans Day Entrance to Stadium
  • Former Navy League President Steve Bristow and OH Police Chief Kevin Dresker
  • 2021 Veterans Day - Fire Department Captain Craig Anderson: Tunnel to Towers
  • 2021 Veterans Day Vocalist Nathan McCartney - "God Bless the USA"
  • Navy League Chaplain David Lura - MC 2021 Veterans Day Program
  • 2021 Veterans Day Audience
  • NL VP Dr. Darin Hand, NL President Greg Smith, Chaplain David Lura
  • Past NL President, Steve Bristow
  • Welcome to NAS Whidbey Island

Links to OUR 2021 VETERANS DAY PROGRAM and the 2022 Memorial Day Program can be found IN ANNUAL EVENTS

17 August  2022 
on this day in
1961 Building of the Berlin Wall begins
1962 Beatles replaces Pete Best with Ringo Starr

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in military history
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1942 – Lt. Col. Evans F. Carlson and a force of Marine raiders come ashore Makin Island, in the west Pacific Ocean, occupied by the Japanese. What began as a diversionary tactic almost ended in disaster for the Americans. Two American submarines, the Argonaut and the Nautilus, approached Makin Island, an atoll in the Gilbert Islands, which had been seized by the Japanese on December 9, 1941. The subs unloaded 122 Marines, one of two new raider battalions. Their leader was Lt. Col. Evans Carlson, a former lecturer on postrevolutionary China. Their mission was to assault the Japanese-occupied Makin Island as a diversionary tactic, keeping the Japanese troops “busy” so they would not be able to reinforce troops currently under assault by Americans on Guadalcanal Island. Carlson’s “Raiders” landed quietly, unobserved, coming ashore on inflatable rafts powered by outboard motors. Suddenly, one of the Marines’ rifles went off, alerting the Japanese, who unleashed enormous firepower: grenades, flamethrowers, and machine guns. The subs gave some cover by firing their deck guns, but by night the Marines had to begin withdrawing from the island. Some Marines drowned when their rafts overturned; about 100 made it back to the subs. Carlson and a handful of his men stayed behind to sabotage a Japanese gas dump and to seize documents. They then made for the submarines too. When all was said and done, seven Marines drowned, 14 were killed by Japanese gunfire, and nine were captured and beheaded. Carlson went on to fight with the U.S. forces on Guadalcanal. He was a source of controversy; having been sent as a U.S. observer with Mao’s Army in 1937, he developed a great respect for the “spiritual strength” of the communist forces and even advocated their guerrilla-style tactics. He remained an avid fan of the Chinese communists even after the war.

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Oak Harbor Area Council of the Navy League is a group of civilians who meet monthly in support of the women and men of the sea services.  A SPECIAL WELCOME is extended to military related families and those new to the area and includes an invitation to join us.


We enhance the morale of
sea service personnel and
their families through national
and council level programs.
We provide a powerful voice to educate the public and Congress 
on the importance of our sea services to our nation’s defense,
well-being and economic prosperity. 

We support youth through programs that expose young people to the value of our sea services.

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